Guide and F.A.Q.

What is Universal Battle?

Universal Battle is a way to play miniature wargames online with people from all over the world.
If you have never played a miniture wargame you probably should read this article on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miniature_wargaming.
You can play wathever wargame you prefer, we provide you all the tools to play and an amazing editor to cretae your own personal army!

Is Universal Battle free?

Universal Battle is totally free to use, though to unlock some advanced features we ask a small subscription fee.
Click on "BECOME A PRO" inside the game for further information.

I want to play, what do I do?

Most important thing is that you got to know the rules of a wargame you want to play.
Then simply register and login to the lobby and ask to the connected people if there is anyone avilable to play with you on that specific game.
If yes then click on "Host a game" button and start assembling you map and army.

Register: Registers an account with the username of your choice, that you can use to login with every time.
Guest mode: Allows you to connect and play games with a random generated guest name.
Forgot password: Use this if you have forgotten your password.
The country flags at the top left of the screen allow you to switch languages for the interface.

This is the screen you will see if you choose the guest mode. Click “Connect to Lobby” to begin. Edit custom army is a subscription only feature that allows you to customize your own models, with your own base sizes, colors and items.

This is what the lobby looks like. To join a game, simply click the game room (the big red box with the game name). If you want to host a game, click the “Host a game” button. If you have the code for a match saved, you can load it to continue from where you left over (subscription only function).

This is the screen you first see when you create or join a game, you can choose from several model lists depending on what you which to use.

Here is a look at the game’s interface. The tools button contains a list of tools and symbols that can be added to the map, such as rulers, 5 inch templates and measuring tape. You can also zoom in/out using the mouse wheel instead of the buttons. The map button allows you to edit the size of the map, add in terrain features such as forests and buildings, lock the map to prevent accidentally moving terrain and save/load user made maps (subscription feature). The add units button lets you add units to the game map depending on your currently selected army and save/load the placement of an army (subscription feature). You can change armies using the menu button.

Units added to the game map will be placed in the specified row and columns as shown as above, as well as on a transparent green movement tray. To move the movement tray, select it and drag/drop it to your desired destination. Anything on the movement tray be it models or symbols will be moved along with it. Only the owning player can see and move his own movement trays. An alternative method to moving units is to zoom out and select both the tray and models by dragging a selection box around them, and move them using the arrow keys. 1 press = 1 inches.

When you select the movement tray you can see the rotate button on the right, and the wheel/pivot selector. The selector has three settings, wheel left, wheel right and pivot on the spot. To rotate a movement tray, simply select the direction you want to rotate using the selector, click and hold down the rotate button and move your mouse around. The tray will tell you how many degrees you are rotating as well as how many inches it has moved.

Why my opponent is in spectator mode?

To allow another user to play with you, just click on his name from the chat list and then click on "Give permissions".

How do I make my personal army?

When you login in the main menu click on the button "Edit custom army", you will see something like this:

It is empty because you haven't created any model yet, you can either click on "New model" to start a new army from scratch, or you can clik on "Import army" button and load one of the many armies already built from other users from this section.

How do I post my army on this site to share it with other people?

When you have finished to built your army, just click on the "Army exporter" button (the red box) and then click on the green arrow.

Make sure you read and agree with the disclaimer, then choose a name for your army and click OK.